Why Are Many Families Using GoFundMe to Pay For High Funeral Expenses?

There’s this heartbreaking place on the Internet…

Where you don’t want to see your photo…ever.

And that’s the funeral fundraiser page on GoFundMe or on the local community fundraising flyer.

If you type in the word "funeral" into any crowdfunding site, the results may surprise you. According The New York Times, on the GoFundMe site alone, 13% of the campaigns relate to memorials or funerals. That means thousands of people are looking for financial support in order to organize a funeral or memorial for their loved one.

You may agree with me when I say that nobody should worry about final expenses when a loved one passes away. It should be a time for recollection, mourning, and mutual support.

Yet, without the right preparation, that moment can become a time of greater grief and worry.

So much so, that family and loved ones will rush to platforms like GoFundMe to seek help from strangers feeling indebted and helpless.

Why do people use GoFundMe?

Because nobody will help when the time comes.

Funeral houses will ask for a full advance before claiming the body and the Government will not help cover that bill.

Even a “simple” funeral will cost upwards of $15,000 while cremation will cost at least $6000.

This is money that most people don’t just have lying around, especially during hard times.

Can your family afford a funeral?

If the answer is a resounding NO or even a Maybe, you need to take the matter into your hands, especially considering how easy it is to do that.

You don’t need a medical exam. It doesn’t matter if you have pre-existing conditions or if you’re on a fixed income.

The terms are favorable and crystal clear

You can qualify instantly and make sure you will be reimbursed up to $30,000 for Funeral and Final Expenses. You can lock the amount of the death benefit so you have complete peace of mind as long as you pay your premiums.

Regular life insurance can be too expensive with premiums skyrocketing for seniors, but this program makes it accessible for anyone to cover final expenses with ease. Yes, that includes you, for sure.

Don’t leave this for the last moment. You never know when that will be. Click HERE to book your free consultation on setting up burial insurance today.

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