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In 2010 our grandmother passed away from pancreatic cancer unexpectedly. Our family was totally unaware that she had cancer at the time. From the point that my family was informed that she had cancer to the end of her life was only 6 weeks!

There was no time for my family to mentally, emotionally, or financially prepare for such a loss. While we weren't able to prepare for such a loss, my grandmother did prepare by having life insurance in place.

We as a family still had to cope with the mental and emotional trauma of her not being with us but we at least didn't have to take on a financial burden as well.

That moment showed us the real world value of life insurance and how much of an impact it has in a family's life. Not having to borrow money or put up a GoFundMe page to try to care for my grandmother's service created a sense of calm in a painful situation.

In 2014 the Insurance Producer licenses were acquired and Family For Life Insurance Agency was created to help protect other families like our grandmother protected hers!

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